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Covenant Care Services

Covenant Care Services, a state-licensed non-profit Christian adoption and counseling agency, was founded in 1989 with a mission to provide compassionate support to birth mothers, children, and families. Over the past 33 years, this remarkable agency has been a beacon of hope, facilitating over 550 adoptions and averaging 150-200 women cared for each year. Covenant Care’s unwavering commitment to both birth mothers and adoptive families is a testament to the power of love and support in the adoption journey.

From the outset, Covenant Care works closely with expectant mothers, providing them with the care and assistance they need during their pregnancies. The ultimate goal is to empower these mothers to make the best decisions for themselves and their babies. If parenting isn’t feasible, the agency helps them review prospective adoptive parents’ profiles, ensuring the best fit for their child. Importantly, Covenant Care’s involvement doesn’t end after the birth. They continue to offer ongoing support, welcoming birth mothers into their extended family. The annual birth mothers’ retreat is a testament to this enduring care, providing a space for these incredible women to connect, find solace, and receive counseling.

The stories of the beautiful children who have found loving homes through Covenant Care are heartwarming and inspiring. Chris and Dori Brown’s journey began in 2014 as they navigated the adoption process. Drawn to Covenant Care’s goals, they underwent training and approval, leading to a life-changing moment in 2016 when they were chosen by a birth mother. Their daughter, Piper, became an integral part of their family, surrounded by love and support from their church and community. The Henry County couple’s second adoption, in 2019, brought them a son, Syrus, and the unique opportunity to meet his birth mother before his arrival. The love and gratitude they hold for both birth mothers is evident in the pictures displayed in their children’s rooms, a daily reminder of the immense love that binds them all. Dori now works as a client counselor with Covenant Care.

Similarly, Luke and Katie McGee of McDonough embarked on their adoption journey in 2010. Just ten months later, their arms were filled with the joy of holding their daughter, Adah. The fear Katie initially felt about open adoption melted away as she witnessed the beautiful connections that formed. In 2014, sweet Hattie joined their family, bringing joy to one mother and a mix of emotions to another. Katie’s deep commitment to adoption led her to join Covenant Care in 2015 as an adoptive family counselor and later as a client counselor. The arrival of their son, Lewis, in 2020, happened with just one day’s notice, but their friends and family rallied, showering them with love to welcome this new addition. The different relationships each child has with their birth mothers weave a tapestry of support and care, and Katie’s journey has taken her to graduate school and a fulfilling role as a specialized adoption counselor.

Covenant Care Services is a place where dreams are nurtured, where the joy of parenthood mingles with the bittersweet journey of birthmothers. It’s a haven of support where dedicated counselors play a crucial role in guiding both sides through the complex emotions involved. The heartwarming stories of families like the Browns and the McGees are a testament to the enduring bonds formed through love, compassion, and the incredible work of Covenant Care.

By Ruth Hildreth