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Be Prepared

Denise Sowell, CFPⓇ, CLUⓇ, ChFCⓇ, and Keli Hazel, CPA, BFA, the women behind Capitol Financial Solutions in downtown McDonough, decided to become business partners after realizing that they shared similar values and a passion for helping people navigate a complex, and constantly changing industry. They maintain separate offices on the same block but share knowledge and resources as they support each other and their clients. Customers who sit down with either of them know that they have a great team ready to answer any of their questions and create a financial plan uniquely tailored to them and their goals.

Whether they are working with young couples just getting started, those on the cusp of retirement, or people who suddenly find themselves single, both Sowell and Hazel start things off with a conversation to get a sense of where things stand and where their prospective clients would like to go.

“People often don’t understand financial planning and think it is all about investments or rolling over their 401K,” said Sowell. “It’s much more comprehensive than that. It can be managing debt, getting the most out of your work benefits, planning for college or retirement, or managing the finances of a loved one after they’ve passed away.”

When it comes to things like finance, taxes, and laws, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Sowell and Hazel have decades of combined experience and are constantly learning to stay on the cutting edge of industry trends. Sowell, a Certified Financial Planner™, has been in the industry since the 1990s, and Hazel, who was a CPA out of college, has been a licensed financial planner since 2011. Both women enjoy educating people on their options and seeing all the planning pay off.

People who come to Capitol Financial Solutions go through four steps as their personalized plan is established. The first step is gathering items like a list of assets, liabilities, income sources, budget needs, and tax records to examine your current financial situation. The second step is to determine your financial goals. Clients should think about what kind of lifestyle they hope to have and what type of legacy they would like to leave. The third step is to identify gaps, the parts of your goals that may be difficult to achieve. This is the time to examine risks and address any questions that arise. The final step is to start your personal plan, and Sowell and Hazel will help establish a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals.

“It is so important to build relationships with our clients and be good advocates for them and their goals,” said Hazel. “I truly love coming to work every day and being able to help people.”

To learn more about Capitol Financial Solutions or to schedule a discovery meeting, visit or call 770-898-0848 or 470-878-1247.

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