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Personal Investments

Personal Investments

In the process of building financial portfolios, where and how we invest our resources is of great importance. If one is to gain dividends, wise investments are crucial. One thing is sure: if there is no investment, then any potential gains never exist. The risk-reward determination has to be made for a confident commitment to a positive return.

Likewise, if you are to make a difference in the lives of your community, dedicated action must be taken to be a positive influence and add value to the lives of others. This saying in the Christian faith rings true: “Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.” (Philippians 2:4)

The highest level of return that one can achieve in their community is their personal investment. The first place to begin is at home. It is no secret that our homes need to be the center of a strong community. But, the impact on your investment also grows when you touch the lives of others at work and in your local community. This is the “where” of making personal investments. The “how” is recognizing the importance of God even in our contemporary culture.

As Peter Kreeft has written, “Only God is ever young, and only the Book he inspired never grows old.” If we are to invest in others around us, it is faith in God that is a necessary component. The meaning of life, success in relationships, and unity within a diverse society can only be answered by a sure understanding and word from God. By taking the truth and investing it in the lives of classmates, coworkers, and friends around us, our community will find a great gain and legacy. Both our present and future depend upon this type of personal investment.

Invest words that bring fulfillment in life. Let us make God known to others because His words are life.

No matter what may deter you in the risk-reward category, be willing to personally invest in the lives of those around you. In doing this, you will pave the way for impact in the very community you live in despite the cost.

By Pastor Gilbert Fields

Christ Fellowship Baptist – Hampton, GA