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Visit Henry County, GA and their new Mobile Visitors Center

Serving with Hospitality

Service to your community can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. For a group of Henry County residents, that means serving as volunteers, known as Local Explorers, with Visit Henry County, GA. This group works alongside Visit Henry County, GA, and their new Mobile Visitors Center to share things to do, places to eat, and other information about the area with visitors.

As a Realtor, Cynthia Crawford is constantly selling Henry County. She joined the Local Explorers to deepen her knowledge in order to better serve her clients. “I realized there was a lot I did not know [about Henry County],” said Crawford. “Realtors love to grow and know the communities that we live and work in. Knowing more will make us all better Realtors.”

Viv Shackleford jumped at the opportunity to learn more about Henry County and to serve in the community. I thought it would be a good way to meet new people and share facts about Henry County with them,” said Shackleford. “I am a people person.” Her husband Emmett, fellow Explorer, has learned more of Henry County’s history and expanded his knowledge of restaurants and shops – information he personally enjoys as much as he enjoys sharing it with guests.

“As a professional and a business owner, I think it’s important to be aware of what Henry offers…to those who visit and ultimately consider relocating to Henry from all across the country,” said Real Estate Consultant Emmanuella Belizince. While business knowledge is important, it is not her only reason for wanting to volunteer. “As a mother of young boys, I’m intentional about making experiences where they live.”

Each Local Explorer brings their own energy and excitement to the events where they volunteer. A restaurant recommendation for a couple in town for the night or a tip to parents for places where the kids can work off some energy are all important parts of the job. With each recommendation, volunteers help support local businesses.  When guests eat at a local restaurant or stay an extra day to visit a recommended attraction, more money is generated for the businesses, the hospitality employees, the county, and schools, all of which ultimately build a stronger county.

When asked about her secret for sharing her love of Henry County with visitors, Crawford responds, “My secret is that I love Henry. It’s easy to share and be enthusiastic about what I love.” As the official tourism marketing organization for Henry County, Visit Henry County, GA, hopes Crawford’s enthusiasm and that of her fellow Explorers translate into new visitors to the community.

By Laura Luker