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Moments in Time

Moments in Time

One of my favorite Greek words is kairos. It means the opportune moment or the ultimate moment. The English translation of this word is “opportunity.”

Maybe you are unfamiliar with the word kairos, but you may be familiar with another Greek word: chronos, which refers to a broader span of time. This is where we get our English word “chronological.”

The Bible tells us that God has numbered our days (Job 14:5), and while the span of chronos appointed to each of us is different, our lives are filled with these very significant kairos moments.

So far, I have spent the chronos of my life as a resident of Henry County. This is my home. These are my people. This is my community. In God’s kindness, He has given me some extraordinary kairos moments here in Henry County. 

            I learned to rollerblade here.

            I played in my first high school football game here.

            I met my wife here.

            Our first child was born here.

            We bought our first home here.

            I lost a dear friend here.

            God called me into ministry here.

            Now I have the honor of pastoring my home church here.

            But the greatest day here was the day I met Jesus.

Each of these moments – while seemingly disconnected from the next – together has led up to the moment we stand in today. From the highest mountain to the lowest valley, God has been so faithful and so good. He has provided fresh water in the desert places (Psalm 104:10).

Some days I wish I could know how many tomorrows I have left, but God has yet to reveal that to me. So instead, I have learned to thank him for today!

Two thousand years ago, the darkest day in history led to the best day on resurrection Sunday. And because of the love of Christ, God continues to meet us in the midst of our chronos with these kairos moments to reveal His love to us.

Today I pray you know God sees you in your kairos moments, and He desires to meet you there!

By Brady Howard