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Musical High Note

Musical High Note

The day came when Molly Corso found out she’d made it. This Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy student got the news she had been waiting for. “My heart was beating out of my chest,” says Corso. She was selected for the Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony.  

But how did music become such a big part of her life?

“I started with piano lessons,” says Corso. Then she joined her school band and transferred into percussion.

Music runs deep in this percussionist’s family. Corso’s parents were clarinet players when they were in school. And Corso’s brother Jesse, a euphonium player for The University of Georgia, is how Corso learned about the Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony. He was selected to be part of the symphony previously.

“I got inspired by my brother. I owe a lot to him. How it [the symphony] grew him as a musician, it really influenced me,” says Corso. 

Corso had other influencers who she feels impacted her musical life as well. One is her band director, Derrick Rock. “He has been teaching me since I was in sixth grade. He really has been a game changer. He really connects with the students and has always supported me and Jesse,” says Corso.

Rock is not the only person who has made an impact on Corso’s musical journey. The other person is her worship pastor, Matt Duren.

“He helped me become more confident in playing on stage,” says Corso. 

With Corso’s achievements in music, her mom, Mandy, says, “It has been a really cool experience to watch. It has been a lot of hard work, but Molly has always worked hard with whatever she has been tasked with.”

As for her daughter becoming a part of the Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony, she adds, “I’m really happy for her. This is a group you audition for, with concerts throughout the year, and guest performers who will play with the group.”

While Corso is quite busy with all of her musical endeavors, she makes time for other interests including being involved in her local church and preparing for college.

“My schedule is very busy. Rehearsals every Monday. Preparing for All-State,” explains Corso. “I am very grateful.” 

What does Corso’s mom think about her musical children taking after her and her husband? “It’s nice because they’re much better than we ever were.” 

Corso plans to join her brother in attending college at UGA.

By J.M. Sylver