A Life-Saving Heart Check-Up

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A Life-Saving Heart Check-Up

A Life-Saving Heart Check-Up

McDonough resident Nelson Camilo, 79, felt great. He was a happy guy working the 60 acres on his daughter’s property, whether he was trimming trees, mowing the lawn, or cleaning the pool. He didn’t realize he had five blockages in his blood vessels until his cardiologist, Meryl Lynn Braunstein with Atlanta Heart Associates, P.C. scheduled him for a heart catheterization.

“She was surprised I wasn’t feeling bad,” said Camilo. “I got scheduled for bypass surgery and was told to do nothing while I waited for the surgery.”

The surgery at Piedmont Atlanta took place in May and it was a success. Camilo healed over the summer and was excited when he was told he could get back to being active. He was prescribed three months of cardiac rehabilitation at Piedmont Henry Hospital. The gregarious fellow quickly made friends with his classmates and the staff members tasked with helping students build back their strength and stamina.

“They are all so helpful,” said Camilo. “They really give you a warm welcome. I think they would roll out a red carpet if they could.”

Three days a week, Camilo visits the cardiac rehab gym in the morning and works out under supervision. There are treadmills, weights, and exercise equipment. Camilo enjoys keeping busy and living life to the fullest.

A native of Chile, Camilo moved to California in 1969 and worked as an aircraft mechanic for Lockheed before working for the airlines. He ended up working for Delta and moving to the Atlanta area. He has lived in Henry County since 2019.

Camilo had a heart attack in 2001 but had felt fit and in good health after that. He encourages everyone to establish a good relationship and rapport with their doctors.

“I love my doctors. They take care of me,” Camilo said. “You should always ask questions and do what the doctor says.”

Camilo’s doctor told him to participate in cardiac rehabilitation and he couldn’t be happier.

By Mike Boylan

To learn more about cardiovascular services at Piedmont, visit piedmont.org/heart.