Dreams of an Author

Brittany Glynn’s story shows that if you want something badly enough, it really can happen. She grew up a Southern girl in McDonough, Georgia, with the dream of being an author and began writing a Christian romantic suspense novel when she was just fourteen. But, as happens to many authors, several publishers, and agents initially turned down Brittany’s books, yet, her love for writing pushed her onward.

At nineteen, Brittany reached out to her favorite, best selling author, Kristen Heitzmann, to share with her a story she longed to write. The story took place near where Kristen lived in the Colorado Rockies. Within weeks this author made it possible for Brittany to move to her city at the foothills of the Rockies to write her book.

Brittany left home for the first time on a one-way-ticket where she spent the next few months working on a dude ranch, and learning to two-step, cook, and ride bareback. She was welcomed by a community of people who brought her into their homes and offered to help her with whatever she needed for her book.Girl on Computer 400 Brittany’s many experiences there contributed to the development of her award winning book, Dreams.

It was on one of her flights to Colorado where Brittany met her husband. Since then, Brittany has lived in Nashville, Tennessee, and also in Utah, but she returned home to McDonough to raise her two young boys. The characters in Brittany’s books have brought her across the country and even to Italy to write on location.

Before it was even published, TV talk show host Rita Cosby discovered the manuscript of Dreams. Rita then introduced Brittany to her agent who introduced Brittany to her editor, Lisa Wysocky. Lisa introduced Brittany to her publisher, Cool Titles, out of Beverly Hills. “My editor, Lisa Wysocky, and publishers, Cindy and Neville Johnson, have been three of my greatest fans and inspirations. Their dedication and encouragement has meant the world,” said Brittany.

Brittany likes to offer inspiring writers out there a piece of advice that she was given from a dear friend during those early and often frustrating years of writing. “I remember being told, ‘don’t ever write something just because it’s what the market wants. Write what you love. If you love it enough, others will too.’” Brittany followed that advice when writing her first two books , Dreams and Unblemished.

Brittany spends her days keeping up with two active young boys and writing late at night when the rest of the house sleeps. But she also likes to slow down and enjoy screen-free days with her boys in nature, hiking. That balance helps her develop true to life characters such as modern-day cowboys, ministers, wealthy daughters, aspiring senators, political consultants, and best friends.

Brittany’s characters continue to have life-changing journeys that keep readers on the edge of their seats. If you’d like to meet one of them or learn more about Brittany you can at www.brittanyglynn.com. (Find Brittany’s award winning book Dreams, or her newly released book Unblemished in stores and online everywhere.)