Coach Bull

When Coach Bull walks in the room, you take notice. His six foot five frame carries 270 pounds of intimidation that is quickly dissolved by his warm smile. If there were a way to build your ideal coach, you can guarantee that Bull would be the mold.

James Bull Martin grew up in East Point and graduated from Russell High. He admits his desire for football was greater…but he also played basketball to stay in shape. On the basketball court, he soon discovered an underlying talent. After receiving his degree in Finance from Clarke Atlanta University, James went on to play for the Los Angeles Lakers in 1991-1992. But he didn’t stop there. Bull saw three CBA championships, a Defensive Player of the Year nod and a stint with the Pan American league that resulted in a silver medal. There is no doubt that Bull’s award winning attitude was pivotal in the success of his teams.

It’s that winning spirit and positive outlook that have the kids on the New Creation Christian Academy (NCCA) Varsity Basketball team flocking to him like geese. You can see the admiration they have for their coach and it is reciprocal. Bull has always had an interest in mentoring youth. When he decided to relocate and settle close to home, he landed in Henry County. He took a job as the Facility Coordinator with Henry County Parks and Recreation. It was here that he found his calling and his true gift with the kids. Two seasons ago he partnered with NCCA and led their varsity basketball team to the final four his first year as coach. In 2013 the team secured the title of AA State Champions.

“Coach Bull really relates to the kids,” states NCCA senior and team forward, B.J. Cash, who first met Bull playing recreational ball at the age of eight. Bull’s influence has been of chief importance on B.J. and the other team players. Having a coach that encourages, motivates and genuinely cares about you is invaluable.

“I love to give back to the kids,” says Bull about coaching. And every youngster that encounters him is ready to take it all in. Keep up the good work James Bull Martin. Your community is proud to have you.