(Local 3rd Grade student has“itch” for inventing robots and writing books)

By JD Hardin

As far back as many of us can recall, we have at one time or another thought about the world with robots all around us. Whether these robots were human-like or merely made our lives easier, there was an invention smart enough to help us with normal tasks. Some individuals had that image or idea shaped by shows like “The Jetsons,” while the younger generations can envision robots in different forms thanks to more modern television shows and movies. Better yet, younger generations have a lot more access to robots and technological inventions than they may know.

But how did these fascinating robot inventions come to be? Someone had to dream up the idea and work from concept to completed project. When you think about dreaming big you can always count on one group of individuals to accomplish this – children! Kids have the best imaginations, uninhibited by pesky obstacles. It is all about the biggest idea possible, no limits allowed.

Meet MeKai Spear, the next great inventor. He is getting his start in the halls of Fairview Elementary in Stockbridge, and his grandpa is providing a great source of encouragement and inspiration at home. It was the elder who encouraged the younger to write about his love of robots and inventing, and this support materialized in the form of a book Spear recently had published.

Like most youngsters, you can find Spear engaged in normal kid things – video games, sports, hanging out with friends and siblings. However, unlike most 8 year old children, Spear expresses his excitement and passions through the written word. His book Robot Inventions can be found at your local library or on While most people would be satisfied with the feeling of accomplishment attached to having a book published, Spear, again, is not most people. He has plans for more books to be written and more robots to be shared.

For now, Spear is as happy as can be learning more about his favorite subjects of math, science, and reading. But you can tell when speaking with him, his restless mind is churning with excitement to use those subjects to help him with his next book-writing endeavor.