No Other Options

In the summer of 2002, Steven Fisk was like any other 5 year old; he played with toys, took naps and discovered new things every day. His Mom and Dad had just opened the Rum Creek Golf Course, where for the next ten years he would spend almost every waking moment. Chris Fisk, Steven’s Dad, enjoyed the game of golf but opening Rum Creek was a business venture in an area of town that could use the distraction. He had no idea or dreamed of Steven becoming a golfer.

Steven wanted to spend time with his Dad, so he would tag along to the golf course. Before long, Steven was hitting balls and enjoying it. As he progressed, Steven became competitive. By the age of 10, Dad could no longer beat him. He had his first hole-in-one when he was 7 years old. Since then he has recorded five more; four at Rum Creek and another at the US Kids World Championships in Pinehurst, North Carolina. His goal is to have a hole-in-one at every hole of his family’s course.

Education is also very important to Steven. “I put in the time after school to get A’s and B’s. No coach would have to worry about me getting good grades,” he says. “I played other sports, like Upward Basketball for about three seasons when I was 7, but golf was what I wanted to do and even though my friends played other things, golf was it for me.”

Thousands of practice swings later, Steven put together an amazing year which culminated in being named Southeastern Junior Golf Tour’s Player of the Year for 2012. At year’s end, he was ranked 25th in the country and #2 for the State of Georgia for players graduating in 2015. He won 6 out of the 11 tournaments he played in 2012. He is most proud of his two wins on the University of Georgia Golf Course. He also won the inaugural SJGT Junior Invitational at Druid Hills Golf Club, where on day two he shot a 66 for a come from behind victory. An amazing record, yet, Steven is not satisfied.

“I try to be perfect every time, no matter if I am practicing or playing in a tournament, and although I know it’s impossible to be perfect, my desire for being the best is always there,” says Steven. “Golf is a game of adjustment, of knowing what you want to do next and how the particular hole is better played.”

Steven has been adjusting and learning how to hit every single possible shot for many years. “My muscle memory started from such a young age, my body remembers what works for me.” As we talked about this game he loves, time and time again, he would tell me what the ball was going to do after impact with the club. Almost every time, he was right on target and the ball would do exactly what he said. Left to right, right to left, low off the club, etc. It was an amazing demonstration of skill. Yet, even more striking, is Steven’s laser-like focus. At the tender age of 15 and a sophomore in high school, Steven knows what he wants to accomplish and how he plans to accomplish it. Dedication is at the top of the agenda. “I want to play golf at a Division I school in college and the PGA. There is no other option.”