Henry County Pregnancy Resource Center

By Janice Wright

The Pregnancy Resource Center, in Henry County, is a Christ-centered ministry committed to upholding the sanctity of human life believing there is a purpose and a plan for every child.  Board members, staff, and volunteers model Christ’s love in every aspect of their ministry.

They serve teens, women, men and families by educating them on the benefits of healthy relationship development, biblical sexual boundaries, life-affirming pregnancy options, Godly parenting and continuing prenatal care. They offer encouragement, material assistance, local referrals, free education and loving spiritual support to those seeking assistance.

They show the love of Christ by demonstrating non-judgmental care and compassion to clients and their families.

Sharing Truth, Sharing Hope, Sharing Life.

Here is a personal story of how one young lady’s entire life changed because of the Pregnancy Resource Center.  Caroline states, “There are moments in our lives where we encounter people that change our lives forever, the impact they have even in just a few short moments is really the start to a brand-new chapter.  The Pregnancy Resource Center was mine.  My start to changing my life.  A visit that lasted just over an hour was the beginning of my entire world changing.”

Caroline, a frightened 19 year old, opened the door and walked into the Henry County Pregnancy Resource Center for help!  Not wanting to believe her 6 week “stomach bug” may be a pregnancy, she hoped they would verify she was not pregnant.  As she entered, she wondered, “what will they think of me”, “what if there are people here I have grown up with in church”.  She was certain she would be received with judgment, condemnation and shame.  

During this “over an hour visit”, Caroline received the news that indeed she was expecting a baby.  She was humbled by the compassionate, non-judgmental care and understanding she received from the staff and volunteers. They shared valued instructions, encouragement, and much needed hope. Realizing she had been in a bad place – heading down a dangerous path, Caroline is now finding this loving support along with great resources for keeping and having her baby.  Caroline states, “Having this baby saved my life!”  Through the PRC, the staff and volunteers, Caroline was shown the love of Jesus Christ and she experienced His love for her and the baby growing inside her.  

For the first time, God became real to Caroline and she began to see herself and her baby as worthy of His love and purpose. Caroline’s family gave her love and support in welcoming baby Liam.  She along with grandparents and family cannot imagine life without Liam.  Today, at 25, Caroline is married to a wonderful man and expecting their 3rd child.  Caroline is grateful to the PRC, staff and volunteers, and loves sharing their many resources to assistance and help for young mothers-to-be and families.  The PRC was there for Caroline and they will be there for all who need their services.  

Go to mypregnancysolutions.com or call 770-957-8288 for help and more information.