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Better Location, Great Results

Better Location, Great Results

The Henry County location of Hands of Hope for Physical Therapy & Wellness has relocated to an upgraded location.

The new facility in Stockbridge is beautiful, more modern, and in a much better location in the center of the county’s medical hub near Piedmont Henry Hospital. Patients can utilize the state-of-the-art rehab equipment at the new site just off Country Club Drive while gazing out the window at the golf course.

“It’s definitely more convenient,” said operations manager Chris Bohannon. “A lot of the physicians seem to like the idea that we’re right here in a medical part of town. It’s really nothing but attorneys and medical offices here. And it’s just a more high-traffic area.”

“The majority of our patients are referred to us by physicians, hence why we made a move so that we could be closer to the physicians that refer to us,” said Dr. Shiv Patel, who heads the medical side of the clinic’s operations.

Hands of Hope sees patients in various stages of rehab and recovery, from those who are working their way back from joint replacement surgery to those who have never had surgery in their lives and are just trying to ease their neck or back pain.

“We get a handful of direct access patients who just find us on their own,” said Patel. “They’re just having some sort of pain, and they want it to be looked at first before they go to the doctor. A doctor referral is not always required.”

Among the equipment available to patients at Hands of Hope in the 2,400-square-foot facility are NordicTrack treadmills, elliptical machines, and an assortment of exercise bikes and other accessories.

“We structure our treatments through a series of therapeutic exercises,” said Patel. “We also use corrective exercises with manual hands-on therapy treatments. It could include soft tissue mobilization or soft tissue massages. I am certified in dry needling, so that is also available.”

A fascinating virtual reality simulator is another treatment option. It includes a headset with sensors and is used for patients with balance coordination problems. It resembles a video game but is extremely practical.

“It simulates normal activities like bending over to pick up an apple off the ground or reaching for a gallon of milk,” said Patel. “We’ve gotten great feedback from patients. They love it because it shows better translation into the normal world.”

Hands of Hope Physical Therapy & Wellness is located at 827 Fairways Court and is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. And 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday and Friday

678-685-3830 for more information.