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When you see a service truck from GleamPro Cleaning pull up to your home or business, you might think it is just one franchisee for a large national company with offices scattered all over.

It is not.

There is only one GleamPro office, and it’s in Jackson. However, the cleaning company serves a wide geographic area that stretches across Henry and surrounding counties, utilizing a fleet of six trucks and 15-20 employees. Those professional-looking employees get the job done in a way that makes one think they have a gigantic company behind them.

“We always wanted to look professional and look like a real company, a real business,” said Tonya Gentle, GleamPro’s CEO, who started the business with her husband David nearly 20 years ago. “Even when it was just me and him, we were going in wearing khaki pants and collared shirts. That’s how we’ve always presented ourselves. We were always asked if we were a franchise, and we always had to tell people no. We are just two individuals that started this business together.”

GleamPro does maid and janitorial work under a variety of settings, ranging from route work (in which businesses are cleaned every night) to porter work (with janitors on-site during a company’s regular operating hours).

“We do anywhere from warehouse and manufacturing companies to small lawyers’ offices and accounting firms and doctors’ offices,” said Tonya Gentle. “We pretty much do it all.”

David Gentle started in 1996 with a window cleaning business. He was working at a diner when a friend told him he could make good money washing windows. When he and Tonya formed their current company together in 2004, they focused on construction cleanup, commercial window washing, residential window washing, and specialty cleaning on items such as chandeliers.

“As we were doing that kind of stuff on the residential side, other people started asking us to clean their houses,” said Tonya Gentle. “So, we started doing residential cleaning, which grew through word of mouth. We started cleaning people’s offices and grew that way. Most of our growth has all come from word of mouth and referrals.”

Their residential services today include power washing and exterior cleaning, as well as interior maid service.

An ongoing initiative that is near and dear to them right now provides help for a particular group in need. Starting in collaboration with a national organization called Cleaning for a Reason, GleamPro continues to offer free residential cleaning services for anyone who is undergoing treatment for cancer. The company has taken that service a step further and offers power washing and exterior cleaning for those patients as well.

“We want to make sure people in this area know we are doing this because it is something we feel people really need,” said Tonya Gentle. “Other people sometimes forget about the little things when something like that is going on in a person’s life, but a lot of times it is the little things they need help with.”

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