Gathered ‘Round The Table

Gathered ‘Round The Table

Gone are the traditions so many of us grew up with. Formal dinners and fancy place settings….Arriving at your relatives home to find their dining room table adorned with china, crystal, silver tableware and cloth napkins….All decked out in anticipation of a bountiful plate covered in delicious food. The ladies buzzed in and out of the kitchen wearing lovely aprons and carrying serving dishes to and fro. Everyone would gather around the table, say grace and dig in. The conversations that followed are what so many memories were made of.

We have fallen away from many of these traditions. I would guess that most of us still get together but in more of an informal way. Chinet has taken the place of grandma’s china. Plastic forks lay atop paper napkins and solo cups with sharpie names hold our spots at the table. We are busy people. Often, as I have fallen into this easier way of hosting, I am afraid we have taken the focus off what is so very important. Traditions and ‘The Table.’

This Fall I plan to kick it old school. Not only for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, but several ‘little’ meals along the way. The efforts are small but the lasting impressions will be grand. Here are a few easy things to do that will create new and lasting impressions.

How to set the table.

Seasonal fruits will bring a cheerful feel to your table while keeping it clean and simple. Evergreen clippings from your yard of holly or magnolia branches will add a touch of nature and warmth. Place cards can be made from gift tags or pretty paper. There’s no need to spend extra money. Just dust off things you already have. Break out the nice dishes and glassware. Borrow them if you need to. Your family and friends will appreciate the extra effort and hopefully help you wash the dishes afterward!

By Jodi Hitt