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Creating Leaders

Creating Leaders

Students from Strong Rock Christian School got the opportunity to attend Student Leadership University where these young minds experienced leadership training from exceptional leaders. “It teaches kids how to be leaders. They learned what it means to be a leader and think critically,” says Dr. Jay Sanders, Strong Rock teacher, chaperone, and parent to one of the students.

Student Leadership University (SLU) comes in four installments: SLU 101, SLU 201, SLU 301 and SLU 401. SLU 101 is what some Strong Rock Christian School students embarked on this go-around in Orlando, Florida.

First impressions of the event? “It was way better than what I thought it would be like,” says Ailie Vaughn, Strong Rock Christian School student.

The things that stood out for the students? “Having this mindset of rising above, being the leader you need to be,” says Caleb Sanders, Strong Rock Christian School student. “You have to rise above the ordinary,” says Caroline Burdett. “Not to have a pigeon mentality. Eagles are going to be your leaders. Pigeons are not going to be as strong,” explains Ailie Vaughn. “How you can affect leadership with your own personality,” adds Julian Castellanos.

How will these students utilize what they have learned at Student Leadership University? “Lift others up around me and be what I learned,” says Caleb Sanders. “How can I make myself the best possible captain or teammate,” says Ailie Vaughn. “I want to be able to use my influence to help others,” says Caroline Burdett. “Building a solid foundation at home, is definitely going a long way in helping me lead outside the home,” says Julian Castellanos.

And the impact of Student Leadership University? “I got to see him grow, develop and learn,” says Dr. Jay Sanders of his son. “They were able to place these concepts into everyday life.”

“I thought it was really impactful, it helped me change my perspective on some things,” says Ailie Vaughn. “I can dream and it can also be God’s plan,” says Julian Castellanos.

Student Leadership University occurs throughout the year at different levels and locations around the country and the world. SLU is devoted to students, giving them leadership training that can help them now and in their future.

By J.M. Sylver