Connecting Henry excited for growth and [positive] change

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Connecting Henry excited for growth and [positive] change

Connecting Henry excited for growth and [positive] change

Heading into its 28th anniversary in 2024, Connecting Henry is “readjusting and refocusing” to allow for new opportunities to support the Henry County community.

Connecting Henry has undergone some recent changes, including becoming the Health and Human Services Department for the City of McDonough and moving to a new address, 162 Keys Ferry Street in McDonough.

“We’re still here and are still committed to helping children and families in Henry County,” said Barbara Coleman, executive director of Connecting Henry. 

The organization remains a nonprofit as well as a member of the Georgia Family Connection Partnership with a mission to connect local families to resources in the community.

Although Connecting Henry still offers very limited rent, mortgage, and utility assistance to qualifying Henry County residents, the organization stresses their assistance is not long-term nor is it their sole area of focus.

Women’s health and well-being is a primary focus of Connecting Henry, as women play a pivotal role in the household.

“We want to help families to get on the road to self-sufficiency and it starts with the women in the household,” said Coleman. “Women, we are the backbone of the community, we are the backbone of the family, and when the woman in the household is sick, the whole household can be impacted.”

A primary target of Connecting Henry, Kaiser Permanente, and the Georgia Family Connection Partnership is the low birthweight rates being seen statewide and, specifically, in the region including Henry County.

“Our numbers exceed the state average and the regional average,” said Coleman. “It has become such an issue that we have to address it. If you have a child with a low birth weight, the complications and health issues can be lifelong for the child and it can impact the whole family.”

Coleman hopes that their new focus on educating families on best practices for health and wellness will positively impact the community. They are also working to promote literacy at an early age.

Connecting Henry is looking forward to hosting a walk at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in the spring of 2024 to bring awareness to women’s health.

The nonprofit is also excited to continue with its 18th Annual Community Cares Toy Shop this winter, providing donated toys to Henry County families and children in need this holiday season.

Coleman expressed that she is excited to see what the new year holds and is eager to see how these new changes will help Henry County families utilize local resources to thrive.

By Erin Lopez