All the World’s a Stage…. but Henry is Home

Coming back to Eagles Landing Christian Academy [ELCA] was a no-brainer for India. She wasn’t coming to get an education; instead it was time to give back and help others reach the spotlight. India Scandrick has been shining under the spotlight for many years even though she is only nineteen.

Before she could graduate from ELCA, India was chosen to perform in The Lion King on Broadway which required her to relocate to New York. However, her time at ELCA from 3rd to 7th grade left a deep impression on India and she is thrilled to be able to impart some insight to current ELCA students who share her passion for the stage. “She can reach the students in ways they can understand and shares not only her experience but shows them that with effort, dreams can come true,” relates Chuck Ekstedt, ELCA drama teacher.

I met India as she was directing the rehearsal of the play Steel Magnolias for the ELCA drama club, which was presented at the end of January 2014. The faces of the young students were attentive, even looked thrilled, as they received instruction and advice from a “peer” who has experienced the adulations of crowds and effect of following her passion. (India has played Broadway, done film and television, and is currently in a recurring role on the FOX hit show, Sleepy Hollow.) All her accomplishments have not affected how she feels about others and about the place she calls home.

India is one busy young woman. She manages classes at Clark Atlanta University, (studying to be a Performing Arts teacher); rehearsals as an intern volunteer for the ELCA drama club and serves as co-director; and she owns and operates the Broadway Performing Arts and Gymnastics Center where she teaches about 75 children how to dance, tumble and act. Her volunteer work at ELCA allows her to share with aspiring actors what she has learned during her time in the business.

India understands how success can change your thinking and she shares many  examples of young celebrities that have fallen to the pressures and excesses of Hollywood and fame. “It is important for me to stay humble. I can’t see any other way because I know when I get a part, I am one of dozens, sometimes hundreds of actors that have worked hard to get there. I am very blessed and fortunate,” she says. India’s mother, Domenecia, says a Christian upbringing and putting God first keeps her daughter grounded. “She is determined and very courageous, but also very humble and never wants to take the spotlight alone. She always wants to point to those that deserve recognition.”

India has excelled in acting, dancing and singing. She has performed in multiple  projects including: the Christmas Carol with the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta; television shows and movies like House of Payne, The Fantasia Barrino Story, and films such as Spork and The Greening of Whitney Brown. Yet, when asked about her passions and accomplishments, she immediately highlights her desire to help others find their path, develop their skills and enable them to reach their dreams and goals. “I love what I do and I want to share it with others. When I see the passion and potential in others, I want to let them know that I’m there to help, motivate and encourage them. Every day, I want to touch someone’s life.”