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A Scary Good Time…

A Scary Good Time…

Are you looking for a unique night on the town? Look no further than Southern Ghost Tours in McDonough.

Southern Ghost Tours has become well known in the McDonough area since its rebrand in 2020. The revamped tours seek to tell true stories of McDonough and those who once lived here…and some who may have never left.

Co-owned by Tara Nestich, Tricia Bowman, and Kiersten Frisby, the goal of Southern Ghost Tours is to bring visitors to McDonough and share the history of the McDonough community while also showcasing local businesses and all that the city has to offer.

“We want to add an entertaining experience that’s authentic to the history of the Square. We have a lot of history here right in this Square,” said Nestich, referring to the county’s history in the Civil War, Prohibition, and even its Native American origins.

Southern Ghost Tours offers year-round events, but the most well-known are the Haunted Ghost Walks that take place each Friday and Saturday night.

Visitors can expect an approximately 90-minute walking tour with hired actors as tour guides around locations in and around the McDonough Square.

Through firsthand research at The Brown House, the local historical and genealogical society, and in one-on-one conversations with living relatives, the tour guides share the authentic stories of locations and families from McDonough.

The owners also hire paranormal companies to investigate locations as well.

“We research a building, dig up all the history we can on it, who all owned it, how it was built, what products they used to build the building, what architectural style it is, and then bring in a paranormal team to do an investigation, see what we get from that, what kind of pictures, readings, voices on spirit boxes, and then that’s how we build a story,” said Nestich.

They have also conducted paranormal investigations of locations on the McDonough Square, including The Dickson House, Southern Roots Tavern & Eatery, and the Camp Creek train wreck site.

Following the tour, visitors can peruse their Boo’tique for crystals, jewelry, decor, apparel, and other items.

Other events provided by Southern Ghost Tours include Haunted Pub Crawls, Scavenger Hunts, Murder Mystery dinners, and other private events.

Southern Ghost Tours will soon expand to Olde Town Conyers, sharing true stories of locals, locations and showcasing business in that area as well.

By Erin Lopez

Website: www.mcdonoughghosttours.com

Facebook: Southern Ghost Tours- McDonough