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A Life in Color

A Life in Color

Since the age of five, Bernard Gore of Hampton has daydreamed vivid images in vibrant color.

Captivated by the countless possibilities for creativity in his elementary art class, Gore eagerly picked up a pencil and paper and began bringing to life the images and stories in his mind.

“I’ve always been a daydreamer,” said Gore. “When I went into art class and I saw all the compositions on the boards – purple, red, blue, green, yellow, white – I was blown away.”

As a child, he did not mind when the weather was bad, as he could stay inside and create art.

“Other kids probably had to stay in the house but I didn’t mind because I had something to do. I could draw and write,” said Gore. “I learned to read at a real early age because of art, because of comic books.”

Since he began his artistic journey as a young child, he has never looked back.

Thousands of pieces of artwork later and with an impressive inventory of created work, Gore’s dream is now to be able to share his art with the world.

“I really need a one-man show to put all my stuff in a gallery and I think that stuff will really be a good thing,” said Gore. “My artwork is no better or worse but it’s really different from other artists. Every piece is unique.”

Other than in grade school, Gore said that he has had no formal artistic instruction over the years. He simply sees a scene or topic in his mind and brings his creations to life in the form of colorful compositions.

His paintings on canvas and painted, carved relief sculptures are easily distinguished by many layers of vibrant colors, dots, and shapes to create captivating stories and compelling subject matter and narratives.

“I put a lot of paint over paint for it to be real thick. Then I will come in with dotting it out, putting other features and everything on it. So, when a person looks at the art, they have to look left, right, front, bottom, in the middle, and they keep going back. It’s kind of hypnotic art,” said Gore. “There’s not a color I don’t like. It all makes up a story.”

With no assistance, Gore himself brings to life elaborate paintings and carved relief sculptures of animals, historical figures, cultural masks, landmarks, and various works depicting scenes and stories from the Bible, to name a few.

“I really love Biblical art. If I read the Bible, and I read how the characters and situations and everything went, it comes to me in that piece. I can sculpt it out because I can see it in the piece of wood and I already know how to cut it out and what characters are going to be here and there,” said Gore.

Gore, a Vietnam veteran and Purple Heart recipient, states that art provides him a sense of peace and allows him to remain active.

“It keeps stress off you and keeps you positive. It really helped me mentally,” said Gore. “I keep doing art every day. I paint every day. Not a day goes by that I don’t paint. It’s what keeps me going.”

He states that his art reflects a lifetime of love for the craft.

“It’s just been a lifelong story for me,” said Gore. “When you see me, just think about art.”

Gore attributes his ability to create his artwork to God and hopes to continue creating elaborate and colorful works of art for many years to come.

“I give all glory to God, it’s nothing I do,” said Gore. “I just love doing art. I feel blessed doing it.”

For more information, contact: goryah7@gmail.com.

By Erin Lopez